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Altos® is an innovative architectural wall system designed with clean, crisp lines to harmonize with building interiors.

The use of laminate, veneer, glass and fabric allows creative application of finishes. Thin, anodized frames project a modern aesthetic, while vertical and horizontal reveals add visual interest. Simple and efficient, Altos facilitates cost-effective reconfiguration or full relocation as required. Its unique universal framework allows changes in elevation, dimension, Fascia function and finish to maximize the life of the product.

Altos provides a perfect balance of form and function:

• Understated Design – clean, crisp European aesthetic

• Functionality – fully relocatable, modular wall system

• Return on Investment – easily reconfigured components translate to low cost of ownership

• Technology – clear wall cavity accepts three types of electrics, both hard-wired and quick-disconnect systems; as well as standard off-the-shelf UL/CSA approved boxes


Altos is a completely modular wall system offered as a series of individual components. It is constructed as a build-up and shipped disassembled to easily reconfigure and relocate between floors or buildings.

Integration with Architecture

Altos walls can be used in any building environment and almost anywhere on a floorplate. Vertical posts with 1-inch increments accommodate standard ceiling heights between 8 and 10 feet.

Integration with Furniture

Altos offers functional and aesthetic integration with Teknion's Optos seamless glass wall, systems furniture, casegoods, storage and seating.


Unlike drywall, Altos walls are completely reusable.


Altos features sound-blocking and sound-absorbing properties. Altos' ability to block sound transmission equals or exceeds standard drywall construction or other wall systems.


Altos walls are 4 inches thick with 2½ inches of accessible, clear cavity space that allows wires to be run horizontally and vertically.

Altos Landscape & Altos Desk

Altos Landscape is horizontally planned with a functional collection of wall-integrated furniture. This unique combination gives opportunity for layered off-module planning applications that maximize the usable space in an environment, and minimize the necessary cost of architectural product on the floorplate.

Altos Desk is the first height-adjustable desk to market that is integrated into a standard 4-inch wall. It offers flexibility as a single- and double-sided solution within the standard wall.

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