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Teknion started with three employees working in 3,000 square feet of space to produce a single product: T/O/S, an innovative response to the emergence of technology in the workplace.

It was a bold move, but founder Saul Feldberg had the vision to see opportunity in new patterns of living and working just taking shape in the early 1980s. David Feldberg – who shared his father’s entrepreneurial spirit – soon joined the fledgling company and Teknion took off.




As president and CEO of Teknion, David Feldberg’s approachable, collaborative leadership style set the tone for Teknion’s culture as the company grew to become an international presence. Under David’s leadership, Teknion also became a company passionate about design.

Early on, David championed the potential of design and began to form ties with leading architects and designers. Design became an integral part of Teknion’s culture, recognized as a way of thinking and a powerful tool with which to shape a better world. Teknion believes that design does matter.



As a private, family owned company, Teknion’s core values naturally emerged from those held by the Feldberg family. The principles of integrity and trust,  


sustainability and service, inform our culture and Teknion’s evolution as a family of curated brands. 


Sustainable day by day

From the beginning, Teknion has moved forward along a path to environmental and social performance. We understand sustainability as a basic tenet of good design. Sustainable principles guide the way we do business and govern our conduct every day.

At Teknion, the concept of sustainability embraces global ecology, healthy communities, corporate responsibility and wellness in the built environment. We are proud to have served as a strategic partner in helping customers create healthy work-spaces that drive productivity, along with LEED® and WELL certification.

Creative collaborators 

Understanding our customer is a first priority. As co-creators, our job is to listen and respond to each customer’s unique purposes, problems and goals. We want to know who you are, who you want to be, and how your work gets done.


We are approachable human beings with a genuine can-do, will-do attitude, dedicated to ensuring you get products and services you need just when you need them. We truly want to do a better job.


Teknion still makes things. True vertical integration gives Teknion the ability to control our global supply chain and every element of production—to manage quality and costs, provide custom designs, and offer flexibility around how orders are organized and delivered.

Entrepreneurial spirit 

Born as an entrepreneurial company, Teknion preserves a spirit of initiative, ingenuity and persistence. Although we’ve grown from a handful of people to one of the leading manufacturers of contract furniture worldwide, we remain agile and accessible—a big company that acts like a small company.

Today, the world recognizes Teknion as a thought leader and innovator, offering an integrated portfolio of furniture for the modern office. We have nurtured an internal team of talented designers and engineers, and reached out to an   


international roster of designers who work with us to push the boundaries of design. As a result, Teknion can work with you to fit your unique work culture and workspace.  



Teknion has a history of imagining what’s possible. In 2013, Teknion acted upon our vision to grow as a family of brands, embarking on a bold initiative to expand our capabilities by establishing Studio TK and Luum textiles.

Studio TK

Responding to the advent of the social workplace, Teknion created Studio TK as a distinct brand that supports the dynamics of social connection and collaboration.

Luum textiles

Addressing a need for innovative textiles in the work setting, Luum combines creativity with clear performance intent. Luum fabrics animate the workplace with color and texture, adding comfort and a distinct character that captures the personality of the culture. 

Teknion partnerships and alliances

Teknion has also formed partnerships and alliances with prominent design-focused brands around the world. In joining forces with others, we are thoughtful and strategic, choosing to partner with those who share our values and our mission to empower people through design.


Our partnerships reflect Teknion's strict criteria for design and manufacturing excellence, attention to detail, quality and craft support trusted partner relationships where product integration aligns with our own design development process.

As we recognize emerging client needs and user preferences, we also form alliances with brands that provide products outside Teknion traditional contract offering.

Carefully curated, our family of brands enhances Teknion's ability to provide a complete solution for work-spaces where people can feel welcome and comfortable, connected and enabled. We invite you to learn more about Teknion and how good design can inspire a new tomorrow of creativity and innovation.

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