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Teknion Reception

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Teknion Reception

As the function of reception desks and the act of receiving guests evolves, so do reception needs of different businesses. Teknion Reception takes an innovative design approach − from classic to communal − in addressing evolving reception desk requirements. 

Reception desks tend to be highly customized and are therefore traditionally custom-made by local millwork shops. The Teknion Reception program simplifies the design and customization process. Whereas millwork can be expensive and take a long time to produce, Teknion Reception offers clients custom, complex desks in an efficient and cost-effective manner, with reduced lead times, repeatable consistency and quality at a larger scale.


Teknion Reception encourages customization. The program simplifies the design and customization process, offering clients reduced lead times, repeatable consistency and quality at a larger scale. It offers five distinct starting points of unique desks.

Classic Desk 

The Classic Desk fully integrates the familiar storage formats and power needs of a permanent receptionist. Minimal divisional elements hide any wire clutter while maintaining clear sight lines for an open connection with guests.

Desk with Transaction 

The Desk with Transaction balances the classic needs for enclosure paired with an open, extended area to invite guests to sit and engage in longer conversations. Clearly articulated volumes provide the opportunity to explore the mixed materiality of the collection and give visual cues to differentiate between functional zones.

Full Enclosed Desk

The Full Enclosed Desk surrounds the worksurface for complete privacy. Mixed material elements provide intuitive touch points to guide a visitor’s approach.

Communal Bar

Approachable from all sides, the Communal Bar invites a shared experience. On top, it features a Corian tiered surface to elevate and display materials or serve refreshments. Additional functionality of cubby spaces and hidden island storage offers impromptu storage to clear the space for an uncluttered exchange between guests and hosts.

Storage Console

The Storage Console can be an addendum to storage to complement any setting, or serve as a shared point of interaction where no desk is necessary at all.


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