Bow Tie 01


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Furniture as fashion tells a different story – it’s a narrative of ideas and identity, emotion and aspiration

Bow Tie highlights the element of fashion in furniture design. It invites you to see Teknion furniture in a new light, to explore unexpected creative possibilities and to create a workplace that looks good, feels good and functions beautifully. Fashion excites because it speaks to our dreams as well as the way we live and what we stand for. In the same way, we need furniture that fits the way we work, but also gives us pleasure and kindles creativity. Fashion photography works in just that way. It is not only descriptive, allowing us to see, it is also provocative, inviting one to imagine.

The Bow Tie 01 Collection frames furniture like a work of art, surrounded primarily by space as in a gallery or museum. This strategy allows the furniture to be viewed without visual distractions, while the gallery impression is heightened by a sparing use of sculptures, objects and artwork. Contrast adds an edge to the imagery, blending contemporary furniture in a room that suggests an earlier era with its rococo mantelpiece and intricate moldings and embellishments.

Color, form, texture and detail are the means of expression in design

The gallery of images draws one’s eye to the color and texture of fabrics, the glossy or matte finish of wood, the line of a silhouette, the details of a seam. This perspective borrows from the drama of fashion. The colors are vibrant but not intrusive, and in concert with rich textures and curved silhouettes, conveying a feeling of warmth and ease that is residential in tone.


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