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Collaboration today is vital, but so is the ability to focus. Consequently, the private office remains essential for those who require periods of concentration. Although private offices are often occupied for only a fraction of the day, the focus they support is fundamental. At the same time, most people’s work varies over the course of a day and those who require privacy also collaborate and attend meetings. Consequently, the need arises for furniture that supports both individual and group needs in a private office setting.

Designed by Chris Wright and Steve Tsai, Journal™ is a comprehensive wood casegoods system with a refined modern aesthetic designed to address this need. It is comprised of versatile, residential-scale components that create a framework for different workstyles, allowing users to move fluidly between tasks. Journal’s classic casegoods elements include desks, credenzas and cabinets, freestanding and stackable storage, run-offs and returns.

Journal originated from the need for a multi-layered private office that serves the individual and the group.

Inspired by the low-, mid- and high-rise structures of the urban skyline and ambiance of mixed-use city streets, Journal features include:

• Low-elevation credenzas, worksurfaces at the mid-touch zone and “high-rise” shelves and cabinets

• A standalone, height-adjustable table can be used at lounge, seated or standing height

• Built-in occasional seating in the form of a pivot bench glides easily into position on self-leveling casters, and retracts in line with the credenza to maximize space

• Along the horizontal plane, these elements create zones designated as personal/private and collaborative/public – with over-lapping activity zones that create a context for the continual ebb and flow of work

• Accommodates mounted monitors and screens

• Accessories in powder-coated metal organize papers and files

• Available in all standard Flintwood and Natural Veneer V2 and V3 finishes

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