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AI Healthcare

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AI Healthcare is a demountable wall system that specifically responds to the challenges and severe demands in a healthcare setting. Offering an adaptive solution that maximize cleanability, durability, and flexible to the changing demand of modern healthcare facilities.

AI Healthcare approach the Healthcare demands with its unique wall gasketing systems to maximize cleanability, reveal line mounting solutions to customize the space for specific needs of the medical specialty, glass clerestory options to allow natural light flow, and various door options to provide wide combinations that best suit the needs of many forms of clinical needs.

In addition to the gap sealing gaskets, the addition of Equipment rails opens up the mounting possibilities of medical equipment on the walls which clears floor space in an attractive manner.

Easy to Clean

Gap sealing gaskets ensure dirt and bacteria cannot accumulate. Non-porous materials and 6-Sided closed construction to avoid growing disinfection inside. Minimizing gaps ensure cleaning and disinfection processes are efficient and ensures spaces return to service quickly.


Impact resistant and moisture resistant surfaces. Long lasting, standing up to frequent cleaning and disinfecting.


A modular system that can be relocated, designed for ever changing needs of the user.


Ceiling heights from 88" - 120" high in 1" increments
Fascia widths from 12" - 48" wide in 1/8" increments

building accommodation

Ceiling adjustment range: + 1 3/4", - 1/4"
Floor adjustment range: + 1 3/4", - 1/4"
Wall adjustment range: + 1 3/4", + or - 3/8"

fascia offering

Solid HPL & LPL, and double glass fascias
Compatible with select Teknion’s Architectural finishes program, all solid finishes are finished in PP edgebanding


reveal, corner, ceiling and base gasket standard with a range of colour options, in non-PVC Healthcare friendly plastics

door offering

Solid hinged, and glass Pivot doors
Single leaf only, ADA kick plate option, exterior and interior option available

aluminum components

all aluminum components of AI Healthcare is finished in durable anodized or powdercoated finishes


Glass STC ratings up to 46 STC
Solid STC ratings up to 48 STC

modular cabinets collection

Compatible with Teknion's Modular Cabinets catalogue

glass options

6mm double framed glass only
Tempered and Laminated
Clear and Frosted finishes


Power and Data capability
Hard-Wired and Modular connections

grain direction

vertical grain direction


Drywall/base building
Altos transition

What’s New

Fall 2023

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