A Conversation with Heather Brunini + Annie Tudryn,
our BeWell Series Co-Creators


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A series of monthly events and activities related to the ten categories of the WELL Building Standard, the BeWell series considers how we can do better for ourselves and the world around us.

Below is a conversation with Heather Brunini and Annie Tudryn about how their BeWell series is shifting perspectives and priorities from simply customer engagement to customer and community enrichment with a focus on the tenets of wellness.

What is the BeWell Customer Series?
It’s a monthly series of activities that focus on the seven concepts of the WELL Building Standard: air, water, nourishment, light, fitness, comfort and mind.

What motivated you to put this program together?
It’s exactly that – it’s BeWell. The series is organized around the tenets of wellness, which I think Teknion has always been at the forefront of, but then you compound it with a global health pandemic, and it brings the concept of wellness into even sharper focus. So, when we started to plan our customer engagement for 2021, we asked ourselves, “What is our brand? How can we connect with our customers in a way that is authentic to who we are?” Our answer was to do what we naturally excel at, which is engaging our customers on an individual level, focusing on connection and being the best version of ourselves, which is not just crucial to sales but to our general health and wellbeing.





Annie Tudryn, A+D Market Manager (right) and Heather Brunini, Business Development Manager at the Teknion True Colors Trade Show booth



What are some of the events you’ve already organized?
In the earlier stages of the pandemic, we focused on the Mind and Movement and conducted on-line classes like Yoga and Barre. Once vaccines rolled out, we focused on Air, with organized hikes. Water, and Lighting was next with their own related activities. And, as we progressed in our series, we noticed something special happening – when you’re out in the open, walking, breathing fresh air, or collectively bonding over a challenging workout, our connection and quality of conversation become that much more meaningful and productive.





Pictured above a hiking activity focusing on 'air' from the seven concepts of the WELL Building Standard.



What’s next for you and Teknion?
We’ve both become WELL AP which will spur us and others to expand the BeWell series across our markets – because it’s not just about selling furniture, it’s also about supporting wellbeing.



SAP AG - Teknion Case Study

Heather Brunini

Business Development Manager


SAP AG - Teknion Case Study

Annie Tudryn

A+D Market Manager


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