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T/O/S® is a proven, performance-based panel system. T/O/S has evolved with a fresh, modern look supported by workhorse attributes that ensure solid performance. T/O/S can be reconfigured with ease to meet new needs as they arise, providing high return on investment.

T/O/S set the benchmark for flexibility and efficiency in office furniture planning. Few panel types support multiple applications while easing installation and inventory management. The ability to maintain a fresh, modern look is supported with a wide variety of surface finishes and styles that are easily interchangeable.

T/O/S supports long-range facilities plans through key attributes:


• Panel design permits stacking, aesthetic variation by segments and on-/off-module capabilities, offering planning versatility and reverse decision-making


• Virtually the same components are used to reconfigure workspaces, helping control the cost of change

Strength and Durability

• Panel frame construction is engineered to ensure product integrity and longevity

Product Integration

• T/O/S works with other Teknion product lines to expand planning possibilities

Data/Power Management

• T/O/S offers high cable capacity and convenient desk-height access

• An enclosed power/data raceway is integral to every panel

T/O/S & Lyft

Designed to enhance Teknion systems furniture, Lyft is a collection of universal space division products that integrate with Transit®, T/O/S® and Leverage®. Lyft allows users to customize and balance the mix of features, cost and aesthetics related to space division planning.

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