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Leverage® makes it easy to customize the office, allowing you to specify the desired level of features for each workspace in order to meet diverse needs, while achieving a crisp, clean look at an affordable price.

Leverage fulfills these requirements with the following attributes:

• Four panel segmentation styles achieve both the functionality and aesthetic desired

• A high-capacity panel lay-in trough option manages cables

• Panels, worksurfaces and mounted storage connect off-module for optimal use of space and inventory

• Increase or lower panel height on-site without disruption to the work area

• Change panel surfaces easily to alter the look or function of a workstation

• 120-degree planning expands planning capabilities

• Power boxes at 15-inch-height increments provide access above or below the worksurface Lyft universal space division products allow users to customize and balance the mix of features, cost and aesthetics related to Leverage space division planning.

Panel Options

A broad range of panel types makes it easy to customize individual workstations by placing features precisely where they're needed.

• Four Leverage panels types available, each in six panel frame styles

• Off-modularity permits panels, worksurfaces and overheads to be positioned as required along the panel width, expanding planning options and maximizing space and inventory

• Increase or reduce panel height on-site

• Increase height with Panel Add-Ons, with load-bearing structure

• Change a panel’s look or function with Element fascias

• Interchangeable Elements can be replaced on-site without disrupting the workstation

• Element options include: fabric, acoustic fabric tackable, whiteboard, accessory, wood, architectural metal and glazed

• Power/communications Element rotates to accommodate power/data access at worksurface or base height

• 120-degree planning capabilities can be used with 90-degree applications to create unique, multi-functional work areas

Planning Scenarios

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