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tn Storage & Accessories

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tn Accessories

Modular sizing of the multi-component line of work accessories encourages mixing and matching to formulate various combinations. tn accessories are designed to be used on their own or in conjunction with the storage collection, enabling users to customize their storage. Accessories include a small tray, long dish, tall dish, pencil tray and pen cup.

A Rail Shelf integrates with standard accessory rails, and allows the smaller accessory pieces to sit on the shelf to offer different tiers of organization. It also acts as a modifier on the Desktop Optimizer, Mini Bag Drop or Bag Drop from the storage collection, offering an alternate tier to organize the smaller accessories.

tn Storage Collection

The storage collection comprises a Desktop Optimizer, Mini Bag Drop and Bag Drop. They provide a high degree of customization, balancing open and enclosed volumes.

The Desktop Optimizer offers on-worksurface storage and casual space division. It features a top surface with multiple material inlay options, and a hinged-door-enclosed volume with optional USB power. Either an integrated paper shelf or a pull-out bin, alongside additional tn accessories, can be specified to further customize the unit. The Mini Bag Drop and Bag Drop offer casual mobile storage of personal items and work bags below the worksurface. They feature an upper shelf for small items, where optional tn accessory combinations can be paired to further customize the unit.


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