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Tek Booth

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Tek Booth is ideal for occasional, short-duration privacy from the open plan. It supports technology and helps shape an environment where people want to be, and where they feel comfortable and connected. Tek Booth's freestanding design enables relocation and independence from building architecture, meeting company needs as they evolve.

Tek Booth adds value by reducing distraction from the open plan and provides an escape when privacy is required. Equipped with a motion sensor that activates a dimmable task light and ventilation system, its fine-tuned interior creates a comfortable space you want to be in while taking a private call or doing heads down work. With endless finish and material combinations Tek Booth can be specified to accommodate any environment aesthetic.  

acoustic privacy 

Tek booth combines sound blocking and sound absorbing capabilities to optimize acoustics. Hard external surfaces, such as glass and solid fascias, ensure sound isolation from the open plan office. While fabric and microperforated fascias on the interior minimize sound reflectivity. 

material & finish options

Tek Booth is offered in a Preconfigured and a Configurable version. Simple to specify, the Preconfigured version is offered in nine predetermined finish options that provide a uniform aesthetic. For a custom look and feel, the Configurable version is backed by Teknion’s impressive finish program to allow endless color palette combinations that suit any environmental aesthetic. 

fine-tuned interior

Tek Booths interior fully integrates power, technology and ergonomics for an overall intuitive experience. Equipped with power receptacles, a motion sensor that activates a three-step dimmable task light and ventilation fan, Tek Booth is a space to feel comfortable and connected.

Tek Booth interior features an acoustic tackboard, and a bar-height worksurface ideal for laptops, tablets and phones. A bag hook on the worksurface underside is ideal for hanging bags, purses and knapsacks. 


sizing & orientation

• 48" W x 48" D x 90" high exterior dimensions

• 40" W x 40" D x 86" high interior dimensions

• Left or right orientation available

frame, door and interior metal finishes

• Painted Mica, Accent and Foundation

exterior fascias

• Fascia Laminate, Flintwood and Backpainted Glass

interior fascias 

• Upper tackable fabric fascias are compatible with Teknion's Architectural fabrics program

• Lower, base and ceiling microperforated metal fascia

worksurface finishes 

• Foundation Laminate and Flintwood 

door offering

• Framed Pivot Door (10mm clear tempered)

• Integrated closer with additional hold open device

• Magnetic catch

glass options

• Double glazed 6mm tempered glass

• Clear and Frosted finishes

electrics & technology

• Occupancy sensor

• Two ceiling fans rated at 56 CFM each

• Power duplex and USB-A/USB-C

• Three-step dimmable task light

• Base feed and ceiling feed available

• Plug-in electrics

grain & material direction 

• Laminate and Flintwood

• Vertical grain direction

• Railroad fabric direction

Tek Booth

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