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Emote transforms the private office into the creative office, one with a fresh look and the freedom to function in multiple ways. Lighter in scale, this simple yet versatile offering is well-suited to today’s smaller spaces. 

Emote is a collection of distinct furniture elements. It is simple, versatile, easy to understand and puts the user in control of their space. Emote enables today’s agile worker to move with ease from focused tasks at the desk, to brainstorming on a series of Thought Boards, or capturing ideas on a laptop while standing comfortably at the Work Cabinet.


As Emote designer Mario Ruiz explains, the private office collection offers three color concepts: “Each concept narrates a distinct storyline – Technology, Landscape and Attitude. For each concept we have created contrasting palettes that illustrate opposite ends of its spectrum. These are meant to serve as guidelines for companies, architects and interior designers, so they can better navigate the possibilities that the collection offers, allowing them to create a color story that embodies and highlights their unique identity.”


Emote components offer a new take on traditional private office furniture.

• Thought Boards that are both functional and artistically expressive are offered in fabric, back-painted glass and wood finishes

• The Work Cabinet is a unique alternative to a height-adjustable table, encouraging individuals to move within the space and change posture. The cabinet is elevated by a base and has an extendable worksurface above its storage to allow a laptop to be plugged in while working comfortably in a standing position

• Desk options include height-adjustable base or with solid wood legs

• Personal Desk Accessories organize and store objects, and include trays with integrated power

As a standard product, Emote offers one of the most extensive palette offerings on wood in the market today.

• Emote brings an expressive quality to the workspace through a palette of new paint colors applied to wood that provides nearly endless combinations of finish options

• Emote is available in a range of unique finishes that spans the spectrum from cool, quiet neutrals to rich, warm tones

• The palette surprises and inspires through colored woods while maintaining the natural, tactile appeal of the wood grain

• Inspired by three conceptual narratives, Emote’s color palette allows creative expressions of mood and tone

• A broad array of neutral, contrasting or bold color combinations can be applied to reflect the user’s personality and/or the company’s culture


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