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MAST is the first monitor support arm on the market designed specifically to support today’s workplace requirements while anticipating the next level of technology. A light friction mechanism ensures that arms stop exactly where required.

MAST promotes healthy working postures. It is engineered to exceed user ergonomic requirements. Ideally, a monitor arm should have focal depth, focal height, tilt angle adjustment and collapse rearward for stowage. The user’s eyes control their posture. MAST allows the user to adjust visual devices simply and without tools to meet their physical needs and comfort preferences independent of their work surface.

• A Manual Adjustment Arm and a Dynamic Arm, as well as the Hybrid Adjuster for casual monitor height adjustment

• Striking aesthetic

• Multiple monitor support system as standard

• Accessory options include tablet support



• Exceptional structural stability and strength

• Integrated wire management from monitor to worksurface

• Environmentally responsible materials and design

• MAST Smart Tab, easily recognized by its signature Library Green grip, creates an easily understood and friendly user experience that quickly releases the monitor VESA plate to speed up monitor changes

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Fall 2023

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