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Mini Focus Den

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The Mini Focus Den is a portable, lightweight tabletop screen that can be placed on existing furniture to create a mini desktop carrel for focused work. The Mini Focus Den provides personalized space across long benching or communal tables in office and academic environments.

It also functions as an add-on accessory for storage, cable management and to minimize glare. The Mini Focus Den is also suited to WFH applications, aiding workers who live in spaces with no dedicated workspace, or workers using common shared spaces, achieve a personalized work area.

·       Smooth felt material offers acoustic dampening properties and a soft, tactile experience

·       Shelves are offered in three accent colors to coordinate with other furnishings

·       Top shelf organizes personal effects, work tools and gadgets


·       Bottom shelf, with smooth felt liner, holds mobile devices and tucks away items not in use

·       Bottom shelf  also conceals electrical power bars, laptop adapters and loose cabling

·       Cable tray and pass-thru for wire management 

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