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What good is a hackable, mobile office if you’re still tethered to outlets and cables? Untethered is a product portfolio of mobile worktools equipped with battery packs to power your phone and laptop through an entire day. 

While pulling power from the active battery, the backup is being charged and ready to pick up when you need it. Cobalt-free and UL Certified, the Untethered battery is non-toxic if punctured, and can be deconstructed for reuse of parts. Like the ebike which gives you the power to go further and carry more, Untethered can extend your reach, your day, and your office.

At the heart of the Untethered ecosystem is its lithium iron phosphate battery. The battery is nickel and cobalt free, making it one of the safest batteries on the market. It is harder to ignite in the event of mishandling, so your clients can have the peace of mind knowing that they are using a safe and reliable battery.


The battery also comes with a sophisticated built-in Battery Management System. This advanced electronic system manages the charging and discharging of the battery, while continuously monitoring its health to ensure safe and reliable operation. This system helps maximize the lifespan of the battery, allowing it to have a long life cycle and an industry-leading 5 year warranty.

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