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Navigate offers multiple ways of supporting multiple user workstyles. Navigate Height-Adjustable Desking  integrates with Teknion’s District, Leverage and upStage furniture systems, and is ideal as a freestanding or meeting table in standalone applications. It features an elevated look and feel, highlighted by soft edges, new materials and no visible fasteners. 

Navigate offers a signature toggle-style display switch with sit/stand GPS. It offers four memory settings, a soft-touch coating and a look and feel that invites users to interact with the table, promoting continued and correct use.

Sit/stand GPS is a guidance tool that promotes continued table adjustment and sit/stand routines. The switch has integrated QR codes that easily link users to how-to information and FAQs.

Navigate is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity to support use with the LINAK desk control app with Autodrive™. Once Autodrive is enabled in the app, a simple doubletap of the switch initiates table adjustment to the next set memory position.

Navigate provides a unique sit/stand application, with:

• rectangular worksurfaces with radiused or straight corners

• extended 3-Point Tables

• meeting Tables with Rectangular, Boat or Oval worksurface shapes

• built-in integration with upStage credenzas and stage modules

Navigate supports the latest industry design standards with an optional 22.6- to 48.7-inch (57.2 to 123.4cm) extended electric height-adjustment range.


• patented Counterbalance mechanism or three Electric models

• the most energy-efficient control system on the market − LINAK’s 0WTM technology

• sit/stand GPS toggle switch also available in an up/down version and features the same soft touch coating and finish selections − Anthracite, Crisp Grey and Platinum

• a 40V DC power output port to power specific Teknion electric accessories


• a collision detection system

• choice of C- or T-leg styles

• ·over 90 surface materials/finishes

• five edge-trim styles

• over 30 base paints


• four different electric switches highlighted by the new Toggle Display Switch with Memory

• a cross-channel integrated 4 simplex power bar enabling a single plug to power the table and the power bar

• four horizontal cable management options to support technology demands and table geometry

• e-Chain vertical cable manager available in Ebony, Platinum and Very White

The Height-Adjustable Table Caster Kit brings mobility to the Navigate offering.

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