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Essa offers an identity to each their own.

Designed for Teknion by PearsonLloyd, the Essa task chair takes its name from the word essence, selected to capture its pared-down scale and pure, sculptural shape. Essa takes cues from the classic club chair, emphasizing simplicity, elegance and softness..

Essa’s refined lines and contours allow for an enhanced expression of personality. Visual and tactile richness celebrate color and materials to infuse unique personalities into a space. From energetic and trendy to confident and bold, Essa offers an identity to each their own. Draw inspiration from these Essa personas




Inspired by the exuberant and expressive persona who knows what they want and how to achieve it; always vivacious and ready.





Cool Calm & Collected

Inspired by the smooth, matter-of-fact persona; a pragmatic leader who is easily approachable.





LA Dad

Inspired by the stylish parent juggling work-life balance; the permanent chauffeur, team coach and activist who is confident in who they are and makes comfortable look good.






Fashion Scientist

Inspired by the creative persona on the pulse of what is trending; foster a slightly rebellious streak that leads those around them to the threshold of their own imagination.







Inspired by the visionary who is always two steps ahead; a macro-thinker who strives for what seems out of reach and challenges to ask “why not”.




Honey Beekeeper

Inspired by the sustainability conscious persona; a proud local shopper who uses their own bags and genuinely cares about community and the environment.




Finance Whiz

Inspired by the practical, organized persona; an intelligent player of the markets, yet a witty multi-tasker who knows how to have fun after balancing the books.





Inspired by the persona who appreciates craft, form and authenticity in everything they see and experience, and in all of what surrounds them.




Mix & Mingle

Inspired by the energetic persona who is fun and engaging; always wants to be part of what is going on and smiles while doing it.




Culture Junkie

Inspired by the persona who seeks adventure and knowledge; a culture sponge who fully immerses themself into local cultures and customs to get the most out of each experience.





Inspired by the humble, grounded persona who is perpetually logical in achieving their goals; the go-to who is relied upon to get it done and gets it done well.





Inspired by the outgoing trend-setter full of presence; knows how to make an entrance and take command of a room to purposefully create buzz and excitement.





Inspired by the socially engaging persona in tune with current events and pop culture; a charming listener who welcomes differing perspectives to further the discourse.





Inspired by the refined persona with a wealth of experience and knowledge; is on trend and creates new paths while paying homage to their roots.




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