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Teknion Launches Expansion Cityline at NeoCon 2017


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Unique Structural Beam Serves as Spine, Seamlessly Integrating Gathering Areas and Work Zones, Maximizing Office Connectivity, and Providing Power & Data Distribution Throughout the Office

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June 12, 2017

Teknion Corporation today announced the launch of the Expansion Cityline furniture system at showroom #1048 during NeoCon 2017, June 12 to 14, The Mart, Chicago.

Expansion Cityline is based on the concept of planning for a workplace as diverse and dynamic as a modern city. With a unique beam framework and robust accessories program, Expansion Cityline creates workstations, collaborative spaces and mixed-use areas where people feel comfortable and empowered as they pursue individual and collective goals. Expansion Cityline offers a highly active setting that allows people to move, to gather and to disperse when privacy and focus is desired. 

“Expansion Cityline is a true connection between workstations and casual spaces,” said Martin Geoffroy, Director, Product Management – Expansion. “The beam acts as a highway, linking different zones of social interaction, fostering exchanges and collaboration. The structural beam remains the backbone, providing unlimited configurations. It can be dressed up or down as needed. Within the same area the beam seamlessly links standing-height workspaces, casual lounge seating and task-chair activity. Expansion Cityline can be configured as a distribution fence for power and data, and is ideal for reconfigurable working spaces or collaborative areas. Expansion Cityline adapts to a space and its required functions.”

Expansion Cityline provides the unique ability to go from a full, freestanding workstation to a simple, casual beam and fence-like application that integrates gathering areas. Its breadth of offering delivers a wide range of flexibility for designing office spaces, from playful to elegant and sophisticated environments. The unique flexibility of the structure enables Expansion Cityline to be designed around the building architecture and blend with its environment.

As structure, the beam permits 90-degree planning in multiple directions. It also supports a wide variety of configurations, including double- and single-sided formats or acting as a simple, power-enabled fence that allows for direct plug-in to the beam. Several height-adjustable options, from a fully integrated casegoods-like application to freestanding height-adjustable tables, easily reconfigure either perpendicular to, or parallel to the casual beam fence. Electricity/data flowing through the beam along any path is accessible directly or via a power access door, power module and grommets. The beam provides all the advantages of a panel – without the panel.

Expansion Cityline Accessories Program

A comprehensive program of Expansion Cityline accessories and screens enables people to work efficiently and effectively, while also contributing to “place-making” and a distinct work culture. Accessories include elevated and mounted screens with a choice of surfaces – felt, whiteboard and magnetic metal – to meet personal needs and preferences. Sit and Slide screens allow control of visual privacy. Expansion Cityline accessories also include storage trays, modular drawers, elevated shelf with accessories and a range of additional tools designed to adapt workspace to specific tasks and maintain easy access to task lighting, mobile devices, mini-whiteboards and other personal items. Expansion Cityline integrates seamlessly with other Teknion product lines.

“We designed the accessories to address the need for creating an engaged working environment,” said Geoffroy. “The collection allows people to easily access what is important to them, or what is required for a specific task. An extensive color palette encourages a playful or a subdued work environment. Moveable screens allow employees to create as-needed privacy without the need for the enclosed spaces so unconducive to today’s popular LEED certified buildings.”

In addition to Expansion Cityline, Teknion will also be showing additions to the Zones furniture collection, Altos Landscape wall collection and its height-adjustable Altos Desk, and redesigned Nuova Contessa task chair. Visit Teknion’s tenth-floor showroom, #1048, during NeoCon 2017.

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