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Optos is a glass wall system featuring a rectilinear profile and minimal structure that presents a refined, seamless look through a continuous run of glass. Designed to adapt to building structures and floor plans, Optos provides full space division through functional integration with Teknion’s Altos architectural walls and compatible floor/ceiling leveling capabilities.

Simple in concept and intelligent in design, Optos features:

• A sophisticated aesthetic – continuous transparency with precision-fitted joins project a highly refined image

• Functionality – leveling ranges adjust to accommodate variations in both floor and ceiling surfaces

• Integration – connects with Altos walls and integrates with building architecture and conventional construction

• Sustainability – design and materials support LEED initiatives and environmental sustainability

Finish/Material Options

• Single, 10mm center-mounted glass is available in tempered or laminated

• Glass options include, clear, frosted or specialty glass from Teknion’s Vanceva program

Seamless Transparency

• Glass-to-glass joins use a unique transparent adhesive tape to minimize vertical joins and create a virtually seamless wall

Refined Detailing

• Low profile, unobtrusive base and ceiling trim provide a high degree of fit and finish

Advanced Leveling Ranges

• Base and ceiling leveling ranges adjust from -0.5 to +1.875 inches

• Installations accommodate for point leveling and floor deviations

Acoustic Performance

• Tempered glass 34 STC (Sound Transmission Class)

• Laminate glass 35 STC


• Can be dismantled, moved and reused to extend product life cycle


• Available door heights in 1-inch increments suit ceiling heights between 8 to 10 feet

• Glass Pivot Door, Hinged Glass Door, Glass Barn Door and Double Glass Barn Door options

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September 2017