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CLUBtalk™ integrates people, technology and furniture to provide more opportunities for effective collaboration.

It consists of a cart or a table that provides space and support for 3rd party technology to provide an electronic interconnectivity among meeting participants.

CLUBtalk takes up less space and generates more ideas. A catalyst to collaboration in physical space and digital domains alike, it expresses and facilitates a culture of active engagement, removing barriers to communication to yield a higher level of creativity and performance.

CLUBtalk creates a highly visible destination that attracts, engages and supports those who want to connect with each other to share knowledge in order to spark innovation.

Less Space

• Compact – CLUBtalk allows all the functionality of a conference room into a simple, standalone unit

• Mobile – Casters provide mobility, enabling users to move the CLUBtalk cart from a private office or meeting room to a more casual lounge area

• Adjustable – CLUBtalk adjusts to fit the task and setting: from lounge (24 inches) to desk (29 inches); and from counter (36 inches) to standing (42 inches)

More Ideas

• Applications – CLUBtalk adapts to multiple environments and forms of collaboration ranging from planned meetings to spontaneous conversations in meeting rooms, lounge areas, private offices and workstations

What’s New

January 2018