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Boulevard® is an affordable, versatile panel system that is easy to specify, install and reconfigure. Developed with highly functional individual components, Boulevard responds to growing organizations looking for a simple, yet effective, product offering at a modest budget. 

Key Boulevard attributes:

• Panel Capabilities – standard features offer high performance

• Product Integration – combining B3 and Diet panels helps reduce costs

• Value Engineered – inherent design features offer exceptional investment value

• Components – complementary collection of products creates varied applications

• Environmental Considerations – high use of recycled content in B3 panels promotes environmental responsibility

Panel Capabilities

• Boulevard is comprised of B3 monolithic panels equipped with standard features to meet high-performance needs typically not associated with modestly-priced systems

• Panels shipped preassembled, simplifying and expediting on-site installation

• Universal post, featuring a single knuckle-loc construction, connects panels quickly, expediting assembly and reconfiguration with minimal parts

• Stacking overpanels create floor-to-ceiling configurations without disassembling the workstation

• Panels are reupholsterable on-site, saving time and money

• Ability to redesign configurations using minimal parts promotes low ownership costs

• Spine-based planning reduces costs when sharing desired services in back-to-back applications

• Boulevard capably distributes power and data to the workstation and delivers it to the user

What’s New

Fall 2023

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