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Diet is a thin panel system that adheres to the timeless adage of “less is more.” Easy to specify and inexpensive to install, Diet is a flexible product that has sophisticated industrial design, detailing and engineering that was developed to meet the budget requirements of the price conscious customer. Designed for high-density applications, Diet's slim yet sturdy 1.3-inch panel uses floor space efficiently and effectively, maximizing real estate and reducing costs. It is the ideal product for raised floor applications and wireless environments, where space is a significant consideration.

The Diet panel is finished, eliminating inventory costs for hinges, end trims and trim caps. Only one universal worksurface bracket is required to build most workstations. Workstations can be specified with combinations of fabric, glazed, open and slat-wall sections to create the work environment desired.

Diet is a standalone product that can be seamlessly integrated with the Boulevard panel system, the viceversa mobile storage line and the docit rail system. Integrating Diet panels with Boulevard can significantly reduce project costs. Diet panels are equipped with a set of self-leveling connectors that accommodate any angle, including straight, 90-degree, three-way T, and 120-degree configurations. Diet's off-module panel connections enable reconfiguring workstations with ease.

Boulevard can be utilized for its load capacity, wire management and electrical capabilities. Diet and viceversa on raised flooring, or in a wireless data environment, create a flexible, inexpensive and compact solution. The docit rail system provides an inexpensive and flexible cabling system while Diet panels create the desired privacy in the workstation.

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