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Workplace planning trends have demonstrated increased demand for lockers to serve a broad range of functions – from meeting versatile personal and shared storage needs to enhancing planning flexibility and uniquely expressing brand image and identity. Teknion’s locker offering addresses all of these needs.

Designed for a workplace of renewed purpose and productivity, Teknion Ledger Plus Lockers offer practical solutions for essential functions – store personal items and work tools, create boundaries between work areas and define spaces to collaborate or relax. Suited to any spatial context, Lockers are available in a range of sizes and configurations that fit together to create virtually any application. Lockers can also be customized, both inside and out, adapting to present and future needs.

A clean, refined aesthetic suits contemporary office cultures. The selection of materials and finishes includes wood, laminate and metal with an array of paint colors from Teknion’s Foundation, Mica or Accent palettes. Handle styles from the District and Interpret collections are standard, with the option to select handles from any Teknion product line.

upStage and District Lockers, offered in laminate and wood finishes, are designed to integrate with their corresponding workstation settings or can be clustered independently.

Where security is requisite, Lockers can be equipped with a variety of mechanical or digital locks which use a range of locking technologies. A digital numeric keypad lock is standard. Teknion will also work with customers to fulfill specific security needs, drawing from an extensive range of products supported by our suppliers.

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