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District Power Spine

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A model of efficient functionality, the freestanding Power Spine offers a cost-effective way to divide space and route power and data. As a panel-based spine, untethered furniture can reside around it and be moved and positioned as needed, allowing for maximum flexibility.

The Power Spine is available in two heights (29”/74cm or 42”/107cm) and multiple widths module options (48”/122cm, 60”/152cm, 72”/183cm and 84”/213cm), which simplifies planning and specification. Semi-suspended worksurfaces and floor screens can be applied as desired to provide a more conventional workstation.

Power Spine includes 120 degree applications as a standard. Plus a  Zig Zag Power Spine that provides a unique Teknion expression and gives the user the feeling of their own corner or nook. All the various planning styles carry over the many benefits of Power Spine to address a wide array of applications.
Available in Standard and Inset styles and elevated 15” from the ground, the Power Spine is available with an Inset Glass Blade or Smooth Felt option consistent with the elegance of the District aesthetic. Power Spine provides an economic option is a wide array of sizes that allows a variety of furniture that can be planned around it.



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