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Thesis has been designed to address today's evolving learning trends. Similar to the changes seen over the past few years in office environments, educational institutions are also experiencing a shift in the way that students learn and interact. Thesis can be applied to create collaborative spaces for group work or conversational applications, or pulled apart for independent learning alternatives.

Learning Tables

Thesis learning tables are designed to be highly configurable and to complement any space.

Learning tables are available with a large range of accessories to help facilitate new lifestyles and technologies brought into the classroom by students and faculty; as well as conference and meeting areas found in today's collaborative offices.

Library Tables

Thesis library tables are ideal for collaborative work, heads-down study and everything in between. The tables can be divided by a central screen and also configured as a carrel for focused application.

Learning Tables

• Cup holder

• Tablet/laptop/book holder

• Power/data cube or grommets

• Integrated coat hook in Table legs

• Extra backpack hook

• Table linking option

• Casters, levelers and ADA options (all can be retrofitted)

• Available in Source Laminate, Foundation Laminate and Flintwood

• Legs and upper casting are available in different accent finishes

Instructor Desks

• Table and desk with pivoting lectern

• Transition desk with fixed lectern

• Podium lectern

• Same options as the Learning table

Library Tables

• Carrel dividers available in Laminate, Flintwood or Glass

• Central screens available in Laminate, Flintwood, Fabric, Glass or Back-Painted Glass options that can be mixed

• an ADA extension integrates with the standard table

• Support options include square post leg, gable or rectangular base with wire management properties

• Lamp with long-lasting LED and automatic off

• an integrated cable tray, hinged for easy maintenance, enhances wire management

• the cable tray is available as an optional hard wiring kit, predetermined for table size

• a Dual USB outlet with tablet charging capacity is optional on the Power Cube

Hub Tables

• Provide versatility to common spaces

• Three different heights – 29, 36 and 42 inches

• Integration of power/data

• Optional footrest for standing height

• Available in Foundation, Laminate and Flintwood

Flip-Top Tables

• With its four legs, offers the advantage of seating on all sides

• Optional writable worksurface

• HPL whiteboard and magnetic glass worksurfaces

• Efficient nesting capabilities in a flipped position

• Flip-Top and fixed Thesis tables feature the same leg profile

Mobile Marker Board

• Provides a sturdy, writable worksurface and divides space

• Facilitates ganging while maintaining maximum leg clearance

• Markers and erasers store on the panel side

• Available two-sided in back-painted glass with a magnetic option or one-sided with fabric, Flintwood or laminate back

Planning Scenarios

Visit Planning Tool

Thesis Learning Tables - Holders with accessories
Thesis Learning Tables - Inside view with accessories
Thesis Reading Lamp
Thesis Instuctor Tables - Inside view with chair
Thesis Hub Table - Chairs
Thesis Learning Tables Holders - Accessories
Thesis Instructor Desk with Fixed Lectern - Inside View
Thesis Library Tables with Glass Carrels
Thesis Library Tables with Solid and Glass Carrels
Thesis Lectern podium - Close-up
Thesis Team Learning Tables - Chairs
Thesis Rectangular Instructor Desk - Inside view with chair
Thesis Library Table Center Division - Chairs
Thesis Library Tables with Solid Carrels - Seating
Thesis Learning Tables and Lectern Podium - Inside View
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