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Optos is a glass storefront system featuring a rectilinear profile and minimal structure. It presents a refined, seamless look through a continuous run of glass. Designed to adapt to building structures and floor plans, Optos provides full space division through functional integration with Teknion’s Altos architectural walls and compatible floor/ceiling leveling capabilities.

integration with altos

Optos walls provide seamless space division through functional integration with Altos architectural walls. Compatible floor and ceiling leveling capabilities as well as a shared door program ensure visual continuity and seamless integration on a floor plate.

site accommodation

Optos offers significant leveling capabilities to accommodate floor and ceiling variations on-site while maintaining a contemporary, low-profile aesthetic.


Optos provides a fully transparent storefront with no vertical mullion interruptions. Glass-to-glass tape connections support LEED initiatives by allowing natural daylight to flow into the building interior and by maintaining access to exterior views.


• Ceiling heights from 96" - 120" high in 1" increments
• Horizontal frame cut to length on-site up to lengths of 120"

building accommodation

• Ceiling adjustment range: - 1/4" + 1/2"
• Floor adjustment range: - 1/4", + 1 3/8 "
• Wall start adjustment range: + 1/4", - 1/4" (min.)

fascia offering

• Single-centered glass only

door offering

• Hinged, Pivot & Barn doors
• Single and double leaf options available
• Common doors with Altos available


• Glass STC ratings up 36 STC

glass options

• 10 and 12mm frameless glass
• Tempered and Laminated
• Clear and Frosted finishes


• Drywall/base building
• Altos

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Fall 2023

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