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Introducing WithIn™, a new special capability from Teknion Architectural Interiors.

Make a Space Within Your Space.

Designed for a more adaptable and agile workplace, WithIn™ is a simple post-and-beam structure that defines an interior space. WithIn subdivides the open plan into different zones, creating areas in which people can work as a group or personal spaces that serve a more intensive focus.  WithIn creates an independent framework for both permanent and transitional spaces, allowing companies to readily adjust to new work behaviors and patterns.

Expanding the range of design options, WithIn accepts varied infills suited to purpose and function.  WithIn integrates with Altos and Optos architectural walls, Altos Light and Desk, the Tek Vue glass office-front system and Tek Pier, which pairs a wall-integrated worksurface with a monitor.  In addition, the breadth of Teknion’s furniture portfolio allows for fresh, creative approaches to spaces for gathering or focusing.

WithIn, together with products from Teknion’s POD (Privacy on Demand) series, allows a quick response to changing needs—without incurring the costs associated with conventional drywall construction, including the costs of additional building utilities.  Teknion’s extensive Architectural Interiors program makes it possible to configure workspaces with the dimensions, function, technology and visual/acoustic privacy required for an array of possible futures.


WithIn provides a self-supporting structure for spaces that allow people to gather and work together on an impromptu basis, reflecting today’s more relaxed and democratic work cultures. Striking a balance between privacy and transparency, WithIn projects an open and welcoming aspect, while its structural elements crisply define personal and group boundaries.


WithIn accepts a range of infills including Altos Portrait, Altos Landscape, Optos and the Tek Vue wall system. Additionally, products such as Tek Pier, Altos Light and Teknion’s Architectural Complements program can be added to support different ways of working. Further design choices are provided by the array of Teknion seating, worksurface and storage products, as well the range of LUUM textiles and Studio TK social application furniture.


Independent of building architecture, WithIn can be assembled and disassembled to allow for relocation and ensure an ultimate return on investment. At the same time, the open structure leverages existing HVAC, fire suppression and lighting systems to facilitate installation and reduce project costs—a valuable solution for smart workplace planning.

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