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As forward-looking organizations begin to challenge the orthodoxy of an assigned desk or office, the shared office is becoming a more persuasive concept. Rather, companies are opting for an activity-based model that flexes to accommodate the different kinds of work a person needs to do—a workplace that offers unrestricted access to people and spaces, technologies and experiences. With its “loose fit ” and inherent flexibility, zones provides the framework for an office that can be fine tuned to support workers’ most creative energies.

Liberated from the confines of a fixed workspace, today’s workers find greater value in shared and social settings, as evidenced by the emergence of “third space” alternatives to the traditional office: cafes, libraries and hotel lobbies, as well as coworking spaces where freelancers and remote workers come together in a spirit of community, collaboration and learning. People want a choice of welcoming venues in which to work and connect with others in a natural, informal way.

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