Variable HybrED Chair


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The hardest-​working ​
chair at NeoCon

“Here’s another all-in-one take on the student task chair: Teknion ​previews Alessandro Piretti’s modular, lightweight seat with features like double-articulating arms and a surface that rotates 180 degrees.”

- Azure Magazine (read the full article here)


The Variable HybrED chair is a mobile, compact, self-contained individual desk and chair. It is ideal for educational, corporate and residential environments, where it can be configured for focused, interactive and open space group activities. The chair is simple to operate and fully unhanded.

Variable HybrED features rugged construction, with a 300-lb. (136 kg) weight capacity and 24/7 warranty. The seat and worksurface swivel, enabling active participation in group discussions. The pivoting worksurface facilitates right- and left-hand use, and easy access/egress. A generous worksurface size provides room for users to rest their arms on sur- face while in use.

The unique cantilevered frame and base maximize storage capacity and allow unobstructed access while in the seated position. If storage isn’t a requisite, a model is available with five-star base and height adjustment.

Designed by Alessandro Piretti, the HybrED chair is visually integrated with the Variable family of multi-purpose chairs and includes the patented, integrated flex-back.

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