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In any given office, the true context for design is the presence of human beings who activate and energize the workplace

Today’s high-energy entrepreneurial companies are defined by the continuous flow of information and people ever in motion. Laptops, tablets and smartphones—the essential tools of our time— afford workers the freedom and flexibility to work away from an assigned desk or table at any site across the office or outside the office. And, while those employed at many high-tech and media companies often spend long days on campus, they also circulate and touch down in a variety of spaces, pursuing diverse activities in an atmosphere of intense creativity and collaboration.

In such hotbeds of interaction, kinetic furniture forms and a vibrant use of color capture the lively spirit and nomadic workstyle of tech, media and other creative workers. Soft spaces furnished with comfortable high-back seating create a place to cocoon, while colorful chairs and casual tables act as a focus for impromptu meetings. Furniture, materials and finishes combine to yield an interior that sets off the raw urban quality of the architecture.


Modular seating can be arranged in multiple configurations and directions to fit the space and to support workers who touch down to read, make calls or check in  on a laptop. 


High-back seating creates a  degree of surround and privacy  in an open, collaborative setting. 


Sliding screens give each person a level of control over the workspace. Screens slide open for conversation. When privacy is desired, a closed screen can signal a need to focus. 


Teknion’s product portfolio offers a broad material palette that can be applied to reflect and reinforce start-up culture. Work chairs, lounge chairs, ottomans and modular seating upholstered in fresh, bright colors engage and energize. An unexpected pop of color applied to the interior of a bookcase, a table leg or a cabinet door creates visual interest and activates the space. And, as people spend more hours at work and interacting with technology, color and texture speak to our human need for warmth and comfort.

Design that works wherever you work

Teknion leverages the power of design to enhance the way people work, meet and interact—whatever the “temperature” of the work culture. Our products respond not only to the physical and philosophical character of a workplace, but also to essential human needs and behaviors: the need to sit and to stand, to seek privacy and community, to find respite and inspiration.

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