Towards new
workplace paradigms


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Spaces, furniture and accessories can support healthy behaviours in the workplace, not only to alleviate potential damage, but to restore balance and renew the vitality that’s needed to create and advance. Design can yield places and objects that connect us to nature and to each other, embracing the fullness of our nature as social, biological and creative beings.

Designed for use in a private office, meeting room or shared workspace, the Nest includes a blown glass water flask, timber iPad stand, marble fruit bowl and polished brass tray. The objects are sculptural without being precious, functional without being too precise or technical, softened modern forms that elevate materials and the idea of craft in the manufacturing process.

Exploring ways of integrating well-being into the workplace, the design draws upon nature and water as themes for a healthy lifestyle; a tabletop service provides water for hydration, a bowl to hold fresh fruit and a circular tray as a symbol of sharing what we have (ideas or water) with others.

“The Nest expresses ideas proposed in Teknion’s 
Ethonomics paper, as well as our own ideas about humanizing the workplace, creating a space that is stimulating, active and healthy.”

Good health is profoundly important to functioning and performance in the workplace. Design must be practiced within the context of both human and environmental health.

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