Towards new
workplace paradigms


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High Table

Both a book and an iPad are designed and evolved forms of technology; each is a site of information, a catalyst for inquiry on the part of the reader or user. Eschewing the traditional workstation, high table supports independent work and creates a sense of personal space in a way that meets functional and aesthetic needs.

Conceived as an antidote to high-density systems furniture, the high table bundles a table, seat and coat rack into one, creating a simple touchdown space for a single person to concentrate on work. The lighthearted asymmetry of the piece offers a poetic expression of a practical need, breathing life and warmth into the workplace.

Executed in beechwood, the high table not only does more with less, but also reveals the beauty of honest materials and the intrinsic worth of well-conceived and well-crafted furniture. The originality of the concept, together with an assiduous attention to manufacturing detail, creates an appealing and durable product that will remain valuable over time.

We all need to be away at some point during the day and if you have a place to hang a coat and a place to sit with a laptop, you have everything you need.

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