Hat Rack: Towards new
workplace paradigms


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Hat Rack

The simplest objects — like a coat and hat — can be seen to represent a pattern of behaviour and, as a result, to recognize a need that then prompts us to think of what would best fulfill it. The need may be functional, aesthetic, social or economic, or some combination of these dimensions, but the perception of a need is where design begins.

Objects express who we are and influence how we behave as human beings. In the office, the hat rack expresses the idea of mobility, that people are moving through a space and across the landscape of the workplace and need a place to hang a coat, a hat or a backpack. The hat rack is a light, minimal structure made of three bent wood components fitted together to create a branched form of poetic simplicity, one that references both nature and a cultural tradition of craft-based woodworking. A respect for natural materials and organic forms continues to have currency within the requirements of the modern world.

Accessories humanize the workplace and fulfill simple needs like a place to hang one’s coat and hat, and perhaps a deeper human impulse to create order out of chaos.

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