Towards new
workplace paradigms


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Face to Face
Love Seat

The modern workplace is no longer driven strictly by functional, technological and economic factors. It is also a social space, a place where people come together to share ideas and information, to create new knowledge and build intellectual capital. Insights occur when people spontaneously connect in hallways or simply sit down to talk to one another face to face.

Based on a typology that can be traced back centuries, the love seat only fulfills its function when more than one person is using it. The intent is to create an intimate space for conversation, one that enables users to make eye contact and facilitates engagement through physical proximity.

A poetic expression of the human need to connect, the love seat signals an approach to design that is intuitive, as well as rational and judicious, expressed in a fluid and eloquent form. As a useful object, the design meets an authentic need for a comfortable seat; as a symbolic object it reasserts the value of craft and the continuity of humanistic ideals.

The love seat is the smallest meeting space you could invent
— it’s as natural as pulling up two chairs to talk, but a more overt and elevated expression of
that impulse.

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