Phonebooths & Mailboxes
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The Mutiny
Brian’s mailbox decided it would not slip into obsolescence without a fight.

Jessica decided to upgrade the diameter of her personal space workstation.

Platformula For Success
The open floor plan was vital to the success of the shared chair policy.

Mr. Bowser could engage his master during traditional office hours thanks to technology.

Internally Mobile
The in-motion workers, with the help of r+d, made a promising combination of innovation and ideation they dubbed collaborative isolation.

Night Computer Classes
Fax machine was making progress with his personal trainer and determined to remain competitive in the new age.

The company’s flypaper wall units perhaps focused too heavily on retaining talent from competitors.

Single File Sharing
There was always at least one person at the communal laptop who tipped the vote towards cat videos.

“Blasto” and “fandarr the ambitious” enabled the global team to effectively communicate in a virtual reality work environment.

Con Ceiling
The primary function of the company’s drop ceiling is hiding from employees the secret amusement park that fills the remaining floors.

Tiny Footprint
Eventually the telephone sign would be all that remained of the original phonebooth, having expanded to include a coffee bar, disco club and movie theater.

The Edge
The in-motion worker team-building exercise featuring trust falls outside the wi-fi network range.

New Catalog Item
The addition of the venn diagram rug in in-office worker randy’s space helped him feel more in control of his work-life balance.

Seeing freddie unchanged before the in-office workers meeting made karen relax about not having time to change out of her gym shoes.

Distance worker Darryl liked to gaze at the satellite office during his coffee break.

The Conference
The time had come for distance worker mike to mediate a session between coworkers cat and cactus.

More Than An Apron
The coffee shop saw an opportunity to engage externally mobile workers with their tactical recreation squad of baristas.

Externally mobile worker karen had the luxury of ordering a jacuzzi cappuccino before her teleconference.

Status Symbol
In-motion worker devon made a splash with his sport-utility-sized cellphone despite his chiropractor’s advice.

Tic Tac D’oh
Johnson’s nemesis once again staked the coveted center position at the strategy meeting.

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