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Building a mobile workforce can be a strong competitive advantage, as well as providing economic, ecological and humanistic benefits. At the same time, my research indicates that the office is not going away in the near future—if Pixar and Google are any indication. Of course, one would hardly call the Pixar “fun factory” a traditional office (working at Pixar is almost synonymous with lifestyle); nonetheless, it does reveal the satisfaction that people can find working together in one place.

The emergence of collective or coworking spaces may be testament to the human desire for social contact.


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Phonebooths and Mailboxes is a discussion about new technologies. Consider how quickly the cell phone replaced the pager, how quickly the fax machine was replaced by email. Mobile technology now signals one of the biggest transformations within the modern office.

Shifts in work-styles have been, and will continue to be, so monumental that we had to ask the question: Is the office going the way of the phonebooth and the mailbox.

Ultimately, the goal of Phonebooths and Mailboxes is to help organizations create an engaging and adaptable workplace, one that fosters a lively, collegial culture, with a greater level of innovation. Perhaps ideally, a place where people forget they are “at work” and experience a rewarding, creative, intellectual and social life.

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