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A Collection of Essays

Design Does Matter helps advance awareness and understanding of the role of design and the skills that designers bring to business — from product development to communications to organizational structure and work processes.

Design thinking remains an integral part of our culture. It is as much a part of our business strategy as is the form and function of our furniture products. Teknion, our industry and business as a whole continue to investigate and integrate design into various activities — product development, communications, organizational development — design will prove to be a powerful tool for realizing a world of rich and sustained abundance.

Also, sustainability is now understood as a basic tenet of good design and a principle of doing business at Teknion. We have come a long way in our efforts to reduce environmental impact as we pursue sustainable development.

Given the economic and environmental dilemmas of our time, Teknion believes that good design, effective design, matters now more than ever.

The conviction that Design Does Matter is central to Teknion’s philosophy and culture. As advocates of design and in order to encourage discussion on the potential of design as a tool for positive change, Teknion has published a Design Does Matter book.

Design Does Matter is an anthology of essays by noted design professionals, scholars and writers – each with his or her own angle of vision, but who hold in common the conviction that design does indeed, matter.

This book is the third in a series of hardbound volumes published by Teknion. It contains 26 thoughtful and provocative entries by prominent designers, architects, business leaders, environmentalists and others who embrace design as a force in commerce and culture.

This new edition presents some of today’s most observant and intelligent design thinking and celebrates its extraordinary diversity by drawing essays from design writers, thinkers and luminaries working across the spectrum of architecture, urban and landscape design to product, graphic and interactive design to emerging disciplines like bio-mimicry. We also expand the dialogue geographically, including voices that speak from cultures around the world. The essays explore the subject with an emphasis on the diversity of design practice and the issue of sustainability.

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