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Health and Wellness, Flexible Workspaces and the Remote Worker


Collaboration will reset the limits of technology. Thereafter, technology will reset the possibilities of collaboration.

Technology is fueling a rapid shift in the way businesses plan and design their workspaces. To address the needs of today’s highly mobile, flexible and dynamic workforce, Teknion is working together with Cisco, a worldwide leader in IT, to create new workspaces that unite modern, adaptable workplace furniture arrangements and Cisco collaboration technology. At NeoCon, Teknion featured several examples of innovative work environments that address three key trends in the evolution of workplace needs: a focus on health and wellness, the uptick in demand for flexible workspaces, and the rise of the remote worker. 

"Our work with Cisco is clearing the path for us to unify technology with design in a way that’s never been done, rather than having to work around it," said Joe Regan, Teknion’s Senior Vice President of Design & Marketing. "Cisco’s Red Dot award-winning video technologies – paired with our expertise – are enabling us to rethink office design in a way that simply wasn’t possible before." 

These new work environments include meeting spaces that leverage easily reconfigurable and height-adjustable furniture and video technology that has the ability to focus on the active speaker in the room; workspaces that bring the comforts of home and the functionality of the office to the remote worker; workspaces outfitted with technology that allows individuals acoustical control amid the noise of an open plan office; and video-enabled huddle spaces that allow impromptu collaboration with remote colleagues.

More and more, research is proving that there is a direct link between job satisfaction, flexible workspaces, and state-of-the-art technology—to the extent that some Millennials consider the quality of their workplace technology, along with the quality of their workspace, to be the new symbol of hierarchy.  "This underscores the critical need for collaborations like ours with Cisco to solve these kinds of challenges that are clearly vital to today’s worker,” says Regan.

"Companies are consistently looking at ways to drive new levels of engagement and collaboration in the workplace," said John Hernandez, Vice President and General Manager of Cisco Collaboration Market and Solutions Development. "Tighter integration of technology and interiors is critical in making that happen. Cisco is excited to work with Teknion to illustrate the possibilities of what can happen when technology is part of the workplace design from the start."

"Our work with Cisco is clearing the path for us to unify technology with design in a way that's never been done..."

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