The Way Back:
Solutions for Healthy, Safe and Productive Work


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What is the future of work? What will the day after tomorrow look like? No one yet has all the answers, but we will continue to question, examine and engage with designers, architects, business leaders and others to move towards greater understanding and clarity about what work might look like on the other side.


After weeks or months working at home, millions of people will begin to find their way back into the office—one that looks and works a bit differently. Office space and culture will be altered in some degree in order for people to feel safe. Companies will need to instill trust and confidence in employees through visible defenses against disease—like less densification and a u-turn from wide open floorplans. There will be a need to reinforce protocols like diligent cleaning and frequent handwashing with posted notices or other “nudges.” Design thinking will be layered with social distancing thinking.

Of course, companies and employees alike will continue to demand an office that supports performance and collaboration, that promotes engagement and inclusion. But in light of the present moment, and the near future of work, a new model must also deliver a degree of privacy and control, a perception of safety, and a sense that one’s physical and emotional wellness is prioritized, addressed and dealt with.


“The Way Back” explores new rules of planning with consideration for how workspace planning and social space planning can be adapted.

Download "The Way Back" here.

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