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Complements Tables

Your next posture is your best posture. The most functional table is one that supports frequent changes of position to promote healthful circulation, and supports alert and productive work.

Complements Tables enable an immediate sit/stand range that allows fluid movement throughout the day, ideal to ease intensive computer work or accommodate multiple users.

• Complements Tables offer a standing height range of up to 45 inches

• Tables with split surfaces have a height-adjustable primary worksurface and a secondary tilt- and height-adjustable keyboard surface

• Secondary surfaces offer an adjustment range of up to 13 inches (6 inches above and 7 inches below the primary surface), with a tilt adjustment range of +15° to -15°


• Models offer four adjustment options – counterbalance, increment, top surface crank and standard range electric

• Edge styles include Flat, Straight and Bullnose

What’s New

Fall 2023

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