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t-3™ achieves maximum comfort at an affordable price, providing simple, yet effective ergonomic seating.

Tilt Tension Adjustment

• Adjustable resistance

• Tailors the amount of resistance when reclining

Tilt Lock Adjustment

• Chair can be locked into four reclining positions, or left unlocked

• Supports varying work postures

Back Height Adjustment

• Chair back adjusts up and down 2 ½ inches

• Maximizes lumbar support for each user

Seat Height Adjustment

• Three cylinder options provide varying heights of 3, 4 and 5 inches

• Adjusts to the leg length of the user for proper posture and circulation

Arm Height Adjustment

• Armrests adjust up and down 4 inches

• Adjusts to support different sizes of individuals

Arm Width Adjustment

• Overall arm width adjustment of 3 inches

• Adjusts the arm position to the user and task

Waterfall Edge

• Front edge of the seat is contoured

• Prevents contact pressure on back of knees and thighs

Additional Product Information

Three Back Styles

• Mesh

• Embossed Plastic

• Upholstered

• Synchro-Tilt Mechanism

What's New

Winter 2024

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