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The Swerv Monitor Arm is a fully adjustable, spring-assisted dynamic arm designed to support today's technology demands and changing workstyles.

Swerv features a new patent-pending, weight-balancing mechanism similar to Teknion’s patented height-adjustable table weight-balancing mechanism. This innovation enables 98 percent of monitor weights on the market (5 to 12 lbs. or 2.27 to 5.4 kg) to be balanced and adjusted with little effort. With monitors getting larger and lighter, Swerv can be reconfigured to support all monitor sizes – typically all screen sizes under 32 inches (81 cm) – within the weight limit.

The monitor arm comes standard with the three-in-one Swerv Smart Clamp that can be configured into an Edge Clamp, Round Grommet or Thru Mount. The Dual Arm application can be separated into two Single Arm applications, allowing Swerv to accommodate all screen geometries and user-desired setups. Swerv painted finishes include Anthracite, Platinum and Crisp Grey, which are also now offered on the Sanna Lightbar.

Thoughtful wire management is integrated into the hollow lower reach arm, allowing Swerv to be quickly adjusted to new positions without interference. Cables are managed from the screen to under the worksurface, letting users concentrate on the task at hand and not cable clutter.

Agile and responsive, the fully adjustable Swerv Monitor Arm allows users to move their monitor quickly and easily throughout their day.

Swerv XL

Designed to simplify and enhance the use of technology, Swerv XL is a heavy-load monitor arm capable of supporting weights between 20 to 35 pounds. The arm is engineered to feel “weightless” in use, providing easy load adjustments and allowing users to easily move monitors to the exact position desired.

Swerv XL accommodates a single large monitor or dual monitors, utilizing a sturdy 30-inch cross brace to enable dual monitor set-ups. Swerv XL is also equipped with a handle that enhances control, allowing users to raise, lower and adjust monitors with minimal effort.

Contrast Screen

The Contrast Screen acts as a frame around the monitor, providing a neutral field that helps to resolve visual issues that arise due to contrast between the monitor and other light sources. Made of smooth felt, the Contrast Screen contributes to privacy, reduces eye strain and provides a defined focal point, helping users to direct attention to the screen rather than peripheral activities.


Swerve features

• height adjustment range of 10 inches (25.4 cm)

• focal depth adjustment of 20.5 inches (52 cm)

• tilt adjustment of 135 degrees

• swivel adjustment of 270 degrees

• monitor positions easily in landscape or portrait format

• arm and reach includes integrated wire management

• Swerv is easily balanced in just a few easy steps

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