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Sabrina is an infinitely classic, yet modern, mesh-back task chair. Visually sculptural in frame and profile, Sabrina features an innovative back ring structure symbolizing the interconnection of comfort and design.

Sabrina’s design incorporates a ring-shaped backrest for both fit and flex comfort. The inner ring provides support and backwards bending in the body’s natural position, while the outer frame gently twists to either side for extra flexing.

Sabrina Swivel Stool

Working at heights other than desk height has become increasingly more popular.  The Sabrina Swivel Stool is ideal for counter height applications, traditional drafting, & some bar heights.

Environmental Certifications

Compliance / Building Rating Systems

• Designed and tested for users weighing up to 300 lbs.

• Innovative, organic structured back frame with FIT and FLEX capability

Seat Height

• Standard pneumatic cylinder provides height adjustment range of 4 inches

• Allows users to position seat height for proper posture and circulation

Seat Depth

• Adjustment range of 2 inches

• Promotes proper contact with the chair back which helps reduce pressure behind the knees

Synchro-Tilt Mechanism

• Features a 2.78:1 tilt ratio – for every 2.78 degrees that the back tilts, the seat tilts one degree for a total back tilt of 23 degrees

Tilt Tension

• Adjustable tilt resistance

• Tailors the amount of resistance when reclining

Optional Adjustable Arms

• Arms adjust up or down 4 inches

• Armrests pivot inward and outward 20 degrees

• Armrest depth adjusts 2 inches

Optional Lumbar

• Lumbar support adjusts in height 2 3/8 inches

• Helps support a healthy posture; promotes comfort and movement

Optional Headrest

• Fixed sculptural mesh headrest measures 7 inches high

• Features same coordinating tensile mesh and outer frame as the chair

Optional Hanger

• Stores coats and personal effects

Forward-Tilt Option

• Provides users with additional posture ranges throughout the day and helps reduce disc pressure during forward-leaning tasks, such as heavy keyboarding

• Allows the seat pan angle to tilt downward 3 degrees while still synchronizing the back to the appropriate ergonomic position


Sabrina Swivel Stool

• Shares the sophisticated design, FIT & FLEX capability, and finish options with the Task Chair

• Provides 8” of seat height adjustment (height range of 21” to 29”)

• The foot ring has a chic all-aluminum construction and provides 4” of height adjustment



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