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Designed by Carl Magnusson, Synapse™ is a contemporary wood side chair that combines traditional joinery with a unique ready-to-assemble construction.

Designed with the environment in mind, Synapse is comprised of only five parts and assembles in less than five minutes for maximum on-site installation efficiency. Synapse is ideal for offices, conference areas, libraries, healthcare and hospitality environments.

All parts can be replaced independently for reuse or recycling:

• A new upholstered seat can be ordered and installed on-site, reducing waste while allowing the chair to remain in service


• Wood back and arms can be ordered individually, replacing parts with minimal waste

• The non-anodized aluminum seat frame can be removed for reuse or recycling

• Shipped flat, the chair requires one-third the space, maximizing shipping efficiencies

Synapse can be assembled/disassembled many time with no loss of structural integrity, extending the chair’s life

• Wood frame is constructed of solid Beech or Maple sourced from sustainable forests

• Beech frame finish options include light, medium and dark stains to match Teknion wood finishes

• Maple frame is offered in Natural Maple

• Modular frame allows the arms and back to specified in different finishes

• Seat is available in standard Teknion upholstery or leather selections

• Seat frame is constructed of non-anodized aluminum offering rigid assembly

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Winter 2024

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