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Teknion dna

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Teknion dna™ is a collection of modular lounge seating and tables designed to expand the functional repertoire of lounge seating. Traditionally, the office lounge was located adjacent to the reception desk and intended to serve as a waiting area for visitors. Employees rarely used the space. In the contemporary office, the lounge often functions as a space for collaborative work and requires furniture that provides greater flexibility and easy access to power and communications. Teknion dna is designed to support collaborative work wherever it occurs throughout the office.

Teknion dna Attributes:

• Teknion dna has the innovative ability to route power and data throughout the layout and out to a floor monument. Complementary tables support technology interfaces as well as occasional table needs

• Modular design allows units to align on all sides, maximizing planning options with minimal inventory

• Versatile components enable tailoring a space for required functions and desired aesthetics; reconfigure easily to accommodate changing activities and user customization


Seating Collection

Modular, User-Reconfigurable

• Optional bolster repositions left, right or center, enabling user reconfiguration

• Units can be arranged in multiple directions, connections and configurations

Design Details

• Bench and bolster can be upholstered in different fabrics, allowing unique upholstery treatments

• Seating units feature a bevel edge on all sides

Power/Data Access

• Cut-outs in base facilitate access to power and cable distribution

• Optional linking capability keeps seating stationary when routing cables

Tables Collection

Integrated Tables Include Square Table and Side Table

• Provide support for work, laptop use and access to power/data

• Optional power/data module is available

• Cut-outs in base facilitate access to power and cable distribution

Freestanding Tables Include Laptop Tables and Square/Round Coffee Table

• Provide casual support for tablet, laptop use and work materials

• Laptop Tables flip and nest for compact storage; a handle permits easy mobility

Planning Scenarios

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