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Expansion Desking

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Designed to permit a creative approach to space planning, Expansion® Desking is a comprehensive line of freestanding furniture that creates space-efficient workstations.

Expansion Desking uses the same collection of products to achieve varied applications, from open-plan collaborative configurations to private offices with a casegoods look, promoting integration of finishes and components and reducing overall inventory.

• Spine Desks – efficient in benching applications that suit an open and collaborative environment

• Modular Desks – accept Structural Columns for adding components above the worksurface up to 81 inches high

• LEED considerations – components are designed for LEED compliance

• Extensive offering – a full collection of storage and screens allows the desired degree of visual privacy

Planning Scenarios

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Expansion Desks with Loop Leg
Expansion Office Screens and Loop Leg
Expansion desk Cluster with Office Credenzas
Expansion Office Desks Mounted Off Storage
Office Storage Cabinet with Expansion Desks
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