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Volterra brings balance and beauty – with six edge options – to mid- and upper-level management office settings. Volterra’s transitional elegance or dramatic contemporary look is further complemented by the breadth of product offering that allows virtually unlimited planning flexibility.

A multitude of drawer pulls are available, as well as a clean horizontal pull elegantly routed into solid maple, cherry or walnut hardwood. The popular U (Umbria) edge is one of the six Volterra Edge options.

Solid Wood is used on all perimeter worksurface edges, as well as end panel bottoms for mounting leveling glides.

Quality drawer construction ensures durability and longevity. Sides, back and front are seven-ply birch, clad and capped with maple veneer for uniformity and high-end appearance. Drawer bottom is maple-faced veneer plywood. Drawer interiors are sealed and finished, and joints are dowel-pinned to resist warping.

Each piece is individually assembled, sanded, stained and finished to ensure tight factory-assembled joints, uniform color and finish application. Using a 360-degree finishing technique, the finish is applied to all backs of the furniture items with the same care given to sides and fronts.

All casegoods lines are finished in catalyzed conversion varnish for the best combination of durability and flexibility. The high solids content in the finish ensures durability, while the clarity of the finish enhances the depth and character of the wood.

What’s New

Winter 2021

Volterra Executive Desk with Glass
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