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C+D Conference Table

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The C+D – Craft+Design – large-scale conference table brings an artisanal focus back into the boardroom, while addressing the various connectivity needs of the contemporary workplace.

Designed by Mario Ruiz, the C+D Conference Table features comprehensive options as a standard offering, with the ability to accommodate specials for various sizes, materials and finishes. The new conference table is a platform for standard, and an inspiration for customization.


• Craftsmanship comes into play with the materials in the layered top and in the details of its different edge profiles and various leg options that support its large format

• Clever wire management and power are integrated to satisfy all the connectivity needs that versatile workspaces demand

• Power options include surface power, plus edge power and edge USB selections. It also offers the ability to integrate electrics outside of the standard choices

• C+D’s numerous elements, with details that balance artisan craft and function, allow companies to customize the conference tables to fit their own distinct identity

• Three leg styles, including metal loop legs with wood accents on the exterior and interior infill panels, conceal channels for wire management

• The unique layered top and edge style impart a warm yet functional aesthetic

• Standard top layers include wood, etched and standard back-painted glass, and Corian

• Top layers are applied over a durable solid wood edge

• C+D is designed and engineered to accommodate a variety of sizes and top materials


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