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ie® transcends prior concepts of planning. It is about geometry and imagination.

ie is based on a post-and-beam structure that acts as an architectural framework for interior and exterior workspaces.

The post accommodates pod planning and angle connections at 15-degree intervals, greatly enlarging the compass of planning possibilities.

The genius of ie rests in its elegant and dynamic design, which delivers diverse and infinite geometries for planning.

Planning Freedom

• The ie post accommodates planning and angle connections at every 15-degree interval, delivering an infinite geometry of planning possibilities

• Allows greater floorplan density

• Accommodate work patterns rather than planning around architectural restrictions

Inventory Management

• ie’s integrated set of multi-use, non-handed components migrate from simple desking layouts to highly featured post-and-beam structures

• The same parts are employed throughout reconfiguration

• Do more with less


• ie is chameleon-like in its ability to visually blend with architectural surroundings and other furniture

• ie's look can be altered by specifying different components, materials and finishes, renewing its appearance with minimal change of inventory, time and cost


• With ie, the only limit to planning is your imagination. ie's 15-degree planning capability delivers unrivaled flexibility in designing office spaces. Viewing Planning with ie Flash module

What’s New

Spring 2019

ie Office Table Leg
ie Modular Office Furniture Layout
ie Translucent Cubicle Walls
ie Office Partitions with Sliding Doors
ie Office Desk Bench Leyout
ie Workstations with Monitors
ie Modular Office Furniture - Electrics
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