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Sanna Lamp

Teknion Sanna™ by Pablo is a distinctly vibrant collection of LED lamps and task lighting, which fashionably expands the language of light in today's workspaces.

Sanna uses advanced LED technology, rich materials and a vast finish offering, thriving in any environment and elevating the user experience. Sanna brings a modern and vogue lighting experience to personal and shared spaces. Premium materials and finishes enable it to be customized for each space, application and user.

Sanna Lightbar

Sanna Lightbar™ provides a truly unique lighting experience through its shape and angles, transforming it from a companion ambient light to a work-focused task light. Sanna Lightbar can be playful and energizing, elevated and subtle. It lets you create the lighting experience to complement your mood, task or time of day.


Sanna was born in an organic collaboration between Teknion and California-based lighting design studio Pablo Designs.

Sanna Lamp

The collection includes desk, table and floor lamps with 160 total heather felt shade and base finish variations for each lamp style.

Sanna Lightbar

The collection includes freestanding, desk clamp and thru-mount base-style models available in Clear, Black Anodized Brushed Aluminum and Crisp Grey Mica.

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